SFOT, Suffern, NY

The lovely Robin and I spent the afternoon at The Salvation Army School for Officer Training in scenic Suffern, NY.

A beautiful day outside, and a mind-boggling tour was provided for us by our dear friend Toni Cameron, the school's assistant principal.

Above is the lobby of the main building, which did not exist when we went to school here, 1978-1980.

We got to see many dear friends who were arriving for a holiness seminar in the lecture hall, which also did not exist when we were matriculating (don't worry, no one ever caught us).

Above is Colonel Toni herself in her office. Nice digs.

The chapel, above, is simple and stately...not ornate like the chapel we worshipped in as cadets.

The library is in the same spot as when we were cadets, but quite a bit larger.

The duck pond is still central to the campus. I remember many prayer times here, on a bench (which they've moved!), early in the mornings when weather was nice.

It was a great day, and so fun to see and talk to so many fine folks. Thanks, Toni (and Joy, who accompanied us!).

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