YOU Can Help a Poor Writer Out. YES YOU CAN!

I posted today another "Scenic Tour" idea for a motorcycle ride (which will also work on four wheels, especially if it's a convertible or a car with a sunroof) that includes the memorable town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky (pictured above....not the whole town, just a portion). Check it out in greater detail here on

And for all you folks who are wise enough and tasteful enough to like me and want to do me a favor, I'll take a minute to explain the payment structure of

I can't.

It's mysterious. I think it's kept under lock and key in some vault guarded by blinded mummies or something like that. But this much I do know: it has to do with the following things, things you can help with:

1. Subscriptions. Any time you go to one of my Examiner articles, you'll see a "Subscribe" link by my photo. If you subscribe to my articles, I will be your friend forever. Or at least five years.

2. Traffic. The more people who visit one of my articles, the more I get paid. So you can help not only by clicking on those links, you can help also by "tweeting" an article link, "liking" it on Facebook (using the "like" button on the article page), and emailing the link to friends to invite them to read the article(s), too. The links above and below the article title make that super easy.

3. Comments. At the very bottom of an article page is a space for comments, which can also be automatically posted to your Facebook page. The more comments, the merrier. Comment, comment, comment.

4. Session length. Somehow (I think the blind mummies have stop watches), a visitor to one of my articles who stays for two minutes benefits me more than someone who visits for ten seconds. I think because the idea is for people to actually read my articles. I know, I know, that's a heavy price to pay. But do it for the children.

5. Ads. If you see an ad on one of my article pages that appeals to you, by all means, click it! It might just put a penny in my pocket, a percentage of which I'll share with you.

6. Sponsorship. offers the option for businesses (or just very nice people, for that matter) to sponsor me for a month or more via the "Sponsor an Examiner" link near my photo on my Examiner page and on each of my articles. When you do that, your ad will appear prominently to everyone who views my articles. Which will make you rich. And your business, too. Oh, and I would be your friend then for at least the rest of my life, maybe more.

So any of you who want to help a struggling writer out, feel free to do one or all of the above. And help me spread the word, so others can do it, too. And I promise, when I win a Nobel Prize for my writing, I will invite you to the ceremony. You'll have to pay your own way, of course, because it's in Stockholm. I mean, I'm not made of money. Yet.

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