The Ohio Theater

About a million years ago (okay, really only thirty-five, but that's ALMOST a million), I played the Ohio Theater, the National Historic Landmark built in 1928 and saved from demolition in 1969. It was built across State St. from the Ohio Statehouse on the former site of the Columbus City Hall. Today it's called the "Official Theater of the State of Ohio."

I took these photos on a recent afternoon in Columbus, after opening the Ohio House of Representatives' session in prayer.

Even the ticket office is elegant and distinctive. I tried to get inside, just for a few minutes, but the ladies washing the windows told me I looked too sketchy. Okay, actually, they apologized and said a rehearsal was in progress. But take my word for it, the interior is absolutely stunning.

The Ohio Theater is the home of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, BalletMet, the Broadway Series, Opera Columbus, and the CAPA Summer Movie Series. In just a week or two, Les Miserables (my favorite stage musical) will be showing there.

Oh, and if you want to know why and how I played the Ohio wasn't just me, but in 1973 a hundred or so teens from Ohio and Kentucky in a Salvation Army production of the Gowans/Larrson musical, "Jesus Folk." I played one of the main roles: "Third Folk on the Stage Left Side." Or something like that.

Three years later, I returned to the Ohio Theater stage, triumphant, and this time in the company of Evie Tornquist (of "Clean Before My Lord" and "Praise the Lord, He Never Changes" fame). She sang. I wore a costume...and stole the show, I think. Felt bad for Evie. Hope she's gotten over it.

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