Wholly Enjoyable Indianapolis

Earlier this week (Wednesday and Thursday), I had the joy of spending a couple days with my fellow Cobblestone staff members in Indianapolis, while attending the North American Christian Convention at the Indianapolis Convention Center. We stayed at the Hilton right downtown (my roommate was Andrew Holzworth, who made me sleep on a rollaway bed while HE luxuriated in the room's king size bed).

The Indianapolis Hilton is situated just a block from the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (which has an observation deck in the tower):

And half a block in the opposite direction is the Indiana Statehouse (below), built in 1888, the fifth building to house the state government. I would have loved to have had the chance to enter and see a little of the inside of this building, but our schedule was just a tad too packed.

We did, however, on a lunch break on Wednesday, have time to walk a few blocks for lunch in the Wholesale District:

Our whirlwind visit to Indianapolis was wholly enjoyable, in every way, and made a return visit to the area very attractive.

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