A Visit to Jungle Jim's

Yesterday, the lovely Robin and I paid a visit to one of the most distinctive grocery stores you could ever shop, Jungle Jim's in Fairfield. It started as a fruit stand at the corner of High and Erie in Hamilton back in 1971 or so, and today is a sprawling assortment of shops and restaurants and the centerpiece, the very diverse grocery selection of Foodies.

You'll find there more cheeses, sorted by country of origin, than you could ever hope for. It's dizzying. There is even an "Adult Oriented Hot Sauce" section:

Robin and I found the Agave Nectar we were looking for, a natural sweetener we're gonna try out. Most stores don't have it. Jungle Jim's had it in light, dark, and other varieties.

And, if you've never used the restroom at Jungle Jim's--seriously--you should go just for that experience:

I'd say more but I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

You can check out the Jungle Jim's website here....and even become a fan on Facebook.