Dad's 90th Birthday

Today the lovely Robin and I gathered with as many Hostetlers as we could squeeze around the table for my dad's 90th birthday dinner (he turned 90 on April 26)! Here in Larry and Dovie's Elk Grove, CA, home we shared a wonderful meal and toasted our patriarch's longevity, perspicacity, and viscosity.

This is the first time in about six or seven years that all three brothers and Dad have been together. And it was the first time Robin and I met Noah, our niece Bailey's three-year-old (almost four-year-old) son. He's adorable!

Tomorrow we leave with Dad, Don, and Arvilla for a ten-hour drive north to Portland, OR, stopping on the way (we hope) for a visit with my former Sunday School teacher (brave soul) Norm Murdoch and his wife, Grace.

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  1. What a blessed occasion! Happy 90th and reunion.