Nuggets and Juice and Caterpillars...Oh My!

I had the blessing again today of taking my grandson Miles to McDonald's, and boy, did we ever have fun! At one point while eating his nuggets with quiet resolve, Miles looked up at me with eyes of innocence and wisdom and asked, "So how was your day?" And at one point, when he finished his last nugget and decided to focus on the imperative of enjoying his juice pack, he stood and watched out the window for awhile, pointing out to me every sight that entered his gaze (there was, excitingly enough, an apparent fire drill at the high school across the street while we ate!). He was so adorable (as always), I just had to take his picture.

Mere seconds after this photo was taken, he discovered--oh, joy of joys!--that a juice pack can be squeezed so that juice squirts out of the straw! That was the end of drinking for the day; neither threats nor pleadings nor grandfatherly admonitions could stem the quick and messy process of discovery for the boy!

Later, as we headed to the car, we spied in the parking lot--oh, joy of joys!--a caterpillar! We watched it, talked to it, held it, and twice delivered it from a certain squishy demise by relocating it to the grass at the parking lot's edge.

As we drove away, Miles sweetly and sincerely called, "Bye, Caterpillar. See you later!"


  1. Love, love, love this. We forget to notice the small things and Miles helped first you, then us, remember to stop and notice the caterpillars in life. Thanks for the cute and funny post.

  2. Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................