Peruvian Cuisine

I never take photos of food. Probably because it disappears too soon after it's placed in front of me.

But on our recent Peru trip, I took a couple (could've taken many more, as we had some great and unusual culinary experiences).

The first photo was of the main course of a multi -course meal served to us at Luis and Yvonne's home, which his son prepared and his daughter served to celebrate Luis's birthday:

It was a first-rate meal of chicken and potatoes and vegetables. The other courses were just as delicious and just as artfully presented.

The other photo I took was of our dinner the second day in Cusco, in a lovely little restaurant we fell in love with across from our hotel:

My meal was a wrapped trout dish with a side of potatoes, tomato and lime; Robin had eggs, bacon, ham, and a side plate of fruit (including, in the center, the Granadilla fruit with edible seeds that look like fish eggs. Totally grossed her out). The next day at this restaurant, we tried their subs and never looked back!

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