Great American Ballpark

Went to Great American Ballpark tonight, with the lovely Robin, Aaron and Nina, Aubrey and Kevin, and Kevin's parents (Lynn and Ken), an early Father's Day present.

The game started well, with Aaron Harang pitching and the Reds staking him to a 1-0 lead after the bottom of the first. But then the rains came. And came. Play was suspended around 7:40 or so, I think, and by 9:00 it was still raining pretty steadily. We decided to hope for the game to be called and came on home. Alas, the game resumed for good around 10:15. But the Reds won, 7-2.

On the way into the park, though, I got a good laugh from the signs announcing "Fan Accommodation?" With a question mark. It wasn't just this sign (below), either. Others had the same punctuation. So I think the Reds are just not sure they can accommodate.

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