Writers Advance Boot Camp at the Cove, Asheville, NC

I spent last weekend at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove, in Asheville, North Carolina, for the Writers Advance Boot Camp. Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, this is my kind of place. 
My room, in the "Pilgrim Inn" (one of a couple at the Cove), was top notch, from the bed and pillows to the bent twig rocking chair in the corner (see below)--a great place to pray and read. 
The common seating areas (see below) were inviting. I would have totally enjoyed them if I'd had any time to do so, but I worked like a rented mule. 
Most incredible, though, was the people. Worshipers. Writers. Passionate, responsive, appreciative, good people. Most of them even pretended to like me. 


  1. It was a joy to sit at your feet, learn your craft, glean from your wisdom, and yes, discover that we liked you very much. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your heart with us.

    Lord, make us good stewards of what you've entrusted to us through Bob, because we know you didn't give it to us to keep it to ourselves.

  2. What a kind and generous comment, Lori. It was a great conference, to which YOU contributed greatness.