Jean-Robert's Table, Cincinnati, OH

It's not quite hidden, but Jean-Robert's Table at 713 Vine Street in downtown Cincinnati is nowhere near as prominent in location or appearance as it deserves to be.

I took the lovely Robin to this charming "urban restaurant serving contemporary food and drink rooted in tradition" (that's from their website) for our weekly date night, just before taking in Richard II at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company last Friday evening.

Man, what a great restaurant. The hostess, server, decor, ambiance--everything--was first class. We explained to our server that we had less than ninety minutes before our show started, and he assured us there would be no problem finishing a fine meal in that time. There wasn't.

We started with a salad of mixed greens, berries, cheese, and pecans in a fruity dressing. Absolutely marvelous.

The lovely Robin enjoyed the sea scallops with spring vegetables. Her moans of pleasure were a tad embarrassing.

I had one of the specials of the evening, an ocean trout, I think our server called it, and loved it.

We topped it all off by sharing a brown sugar crème brûlée, one of my favorites.

It wasn't cheap, by any means, but it was thoroughly satisfying. We made it to our show (just a block away) in plenty of time and with a vow on our lips to return to Jean-Robert's Table every chance we get.

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