Hot Rod BBQ, Burkesville, KY

On the recommendation of a local, our friends Doug and Debbie Burr hosted me and the lovely Robin for a meal at Hot Rod BBQ in Burkesville, Kentucky.

Hot Rod BBQ is only open for business Thursday through Sunday...and a sign inside the eatery said they would soon be closed Thursdays as well. Must be the economy.

Never one to pass up a chance to eat barbecue ribs, I ordered a half rack with baked beans and (a new addition to the menu) green beans.

The ribs were nicely cooked, tender and tasty. The "mild" sauce, which I tried on half the slab, was vinegary rather than sweet. Not my taste, but the ribs really didn't need the sauce, so my enjoyment wasn't hindered at all.

Cleanup was a cinch, as everything was served in and with disposable items. The service was quick and polite...though when someone (don't worry, Doug, I won't mention who) started to exit without paying, our server was right behind. We might have escaped but decided not to chance it.

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  1. Hot Rod Bar-B-Que is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. And the BEST BBQ joint! Service is always friendly and they always are open for new menu ideas. I HIGHLY recommend this place. as for the sauce, this is NOT Texas, you want sweet sauce, go there. This is fine southern style sauce. I LOVE it!