Newport Gangster Tour

For date night tonight, I took the lovely Robin to Newport, Kentucky, for the Newport Gangster Tour, starting from the Dueling Piano Bar on Fifth Street.

After a short three-part presentation on the history of gangsterism in Newport (above), the group of several dozen set out on the walking portion of the tour.

The location above was once called the Sparkle Bunny Club, if I heard right.

Once called the Starlight and several other names, the Brass Ass is still in operation.

We were led by several guides, one of whom told the story of a hit (above) on the very site where it happened, in front of what was once The Mustang (and is now the Kentucky Gambling Museum).

The Monmouth Theater (above) is located in the former La Madame's, and Bernhard's Bakery (below) occupies part of the once-famous Yorkshire casino.

These were just some of the stops on the tour, which of course ended at what is now called the Syndicate, built in the 50s.

It was a load of fun on a beautiful night. I had expected to actually go into a couple places, but other than the piano bar, we stayed on the street for the entire tour. Still, I loved the local history, and Robin liked the stories of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Marilyn Monroe.

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