Welcome to Spokane

It took just two cars, two planes, and three airports to get from scenic Hamilton, Ohio, to Spokane, Washington today. But both flights were on-time and trouble-free, and I even managed a few winks on the first leg. I will be speaking tomorrow and Saturday at the American Christian Writers Conference here in Spokane Valley, and then Tuesday through Thursday next week at The Salvation Army's Cascade Divisional Officers Councils in downtown Spokane.

My home-away-from-home these next three nights is Mirabeau Park Hotel and Convention Center in Spokane Valley. It's a sprawling complex of guest rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, pool, spa, and more.

Though it's never easy to be away from the lovely Robin and my kids and grandkids, I'm looking forward to a blessed and fruitful week. If you're in the neighborhood, stop on by!


  1. Psst, it's the Northwest Division, not Cascade. For a second there I was wondering how come you didn't clue me in to your arrival into town!

  2. Potayto, Pocumquat. Whatever.