Culinary Delights in the Hoosier State

The lovely Robin and I enjoyed a beautiful time with dear friends tonight at the home of Jim and Carolyn Seal, between the metropoli of Mixerville and Brookville, Indiana.

In the course of the evening, while I was sitting next to my friend John Cole, his loving wife served him a culinary concoction that amazed and intrigued me. John, who is both a gourmet and gourmand, praised this combination of chocolate cake, baked beans, and sliced onions as something special. Incredulous, I had just enough time to snap a photo before he dispatched it in no time at all.

While the meal and the company was uniformly exquisite, this may be the thing that most sticks in my memory. I hope not, but it probably will.

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  1. OK, there is NOTHING about that that sounds even remotely appealing. The picture's not helping any, either.