Wilhemsturm, Dillenburg

This morning I had the joy of accompanying my host, Lothar, to the publishers who publish several of my books here in Germany. The publisher and staff gave me a tour of their offices and bookstore in Dillenburg. I was also honored to visit Lothar's home, drive by his church, and visit his office as well.

Along the way, Lothar pointed out the Wilhelmsturm, or Dillenburg Castle, built atop the peak now called the Schlossberg (castle hill) in the 1870s to honor William of Orange (William the Silent), who was born in a previous castle on this site in 1533. He was the military and political genius who, with his brother Maurice, led the revolt of the Netherlands against Spain and Philip II and became the focal point of Dutch unity. He was also the great-grandfather of William III, King of England who, with his wife Mary Stuart, ushered in an epoch of immense achievement in the UK.

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