Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

On Tuesdays, I spend my Sabbath day communing with God...and my wild Irish rose, Calleigh Lynn O'Shaughnessy McAllister O'Bryan McCane.

When the weather permits, Calleigh and I take Ender for a walk. We talk about the weather ("Isn't the sky beautiful, Crappaw?" "Yes it is, Calleigh") and the homes and yards ("Boy, the grass is really dry, Crappaw." "Yes it is, Calleigh") and the dogs that bark at us ("That one sounds mean, Crappaw." "Don't worry, princess, we won't let him get anywhere near us") and so on.

It takes us about 45 minutes to do the 2.5 mile circuit around the neighborhood. And by the time we get back, Calleigh's thinking about food (she's JUST like her Crappaw!). But it's a little bit of exercise for the old guy, and of course anything that includes Calleigh Lynn MacGregor O'Sullivan McCracken O'Bryan McCane is nothing but fun.

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