A Bibliophile's Library Wish List

To follow up my post of Tuesday, listing eight favorite libraries I've visited or patronized, I thought I'd mention eight libraries I would love to visit, starting with the Abbey Library, St. Gallen, Switzerland, above.

Another would be the Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

And Trinity College LIbrary ("The Long Room"), Dublin, Ireland.

Melk Monastery Library in Melk, Austria.

The Rijkmuseum Library, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

And the second Austrian nominee, the Library of the Benedictine Monastery of Admont, Austria.

And, since I've already seen (but would nonetheless love to revisit) both the Library of Congress and the main branch of the New York Public Library, let's include the George Peabody Library, Baltimore, Maryland.

And last, but definitely not least, the Old British Reading Room at the British Museum, London, England.

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