Tuesdays with Miles

It was another fun lunch excursion to Mickey D's with my man Miles! On the way to McDonald's, we sang together (or, rather, he listened to me sing, and said repeatedly, "Again," which is his way of requesting an encore). He had nuggets, apple slices, and milk, and stole a couple of my French fries. Afterward, we stopped in the Kroger parking lot, where a new gas station is being installed. We watched the lift go up and down about a half dozen times, and EVERY time was just as exciting as the first!

Like nearly every field trip Miles and I take, this one was filled with wonder, excitement, and joy.

Here's a tip: if the wonder, excitement, and joy have drained out of your life--if you no longer look at construction equipment with a sense of awe, and no longer hear the beep-beep of large machinery with something approaching ecstacy--have a grandchild. That's the cure.

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