The Inn at Dresden

I took my wife, the lovely Robin, away for her birthday last week. We spent one night at a lovely (and oh-so-cleverly-named) bed-and-breakfast in Dresden, Ohio: The Inn at Dresden. We stayed in the "City Lights Room," and the lovely Robin said it was her favorite B&B stay to date (mine remains The Story Inn in Story, Indiana...but that's a different story).

The next morning we cruised the shops in Dresden (the hometown of Dave Longaberger of basket fame), and then drove a few miles to the Longaberger Homestead, a small amusement-park-like enterprise where we toured the basket factory, shared an elegant tea, cruised more shops, and where the lovely Robin excitedly wove her own Longaberger basket. From there, we drove by the giant-basket-shaped Longaberger headquarters in Newark, Ohio. It was a very happy time together (despite my suffering from a sinus infection the whole time), and we spent somewhere approaching a bajillion dollars (U.S.).

But it was all worth it. My husband of the year award hasn't yet arrived. But it should be on its way.

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